Fundidoras de cera Caldera a vapor. Universal 12c Layens Caldera a vapor universal.Fundidor de con hornillo de gas, preparada pa

Steam boiler. Universal 12c Layens

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Steam boiler. Universal. Steam wax smelter, prepared for all kinds of paintings (Langstroth, Dadant, Layens)

Rectangular stainless boiler 12 Layens frames, 13 body Dadant, 22 Langstroth

- Steam wax extraction

- Dimensions 580×420×615mm

- Made of stainless steel.

- The stand is part of the boiler

- Gas stove included

- Possibility to supply without stove

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These devices are designed for recovering wax from bee frames or dried shreds using steaming method. They consist of an external water tank and basket containing frames or shreds. The additional equipment is a gas burner stool enabling steam production in the tank.

Preparation of wax melters with a gas burner:

Fill the tank with water to the level of the drain tube.

Fill the basket with frames or dry shreds.

Put the lid on.

Place the gas burner under the device to heat the entire bottom surface.

Wait until steam is made and molten wax comes out.

Once the batch is molten check the water level and top up if necessary.

Fill the basket with another frames or dry shreds.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 until required.

Once the process is completed, turn the burner and gas cylinder off.

Clean the basket from the residues and prepare for the next use.

A gas pressure reducer is necessary to connect gas cylinder to the burner.

Device parameters:

material - stainless steel

total height - 800mm


length - 580mm

width - 420mm

height - 600mm

diameter of the trigger - 1 "

basket basket:

length - 530mm

width - 375mm

height - 440mm

included (gratis) 7kW gas stool with thermos team for propane-butane


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