TEST Wooden hives
If you want to buy hives, this is your place. Through our online store we offer the sale of hives at the best...
TEST Polystyrene hives
Discover these hives, made of EPS 160kg/m3 polystyrene, are prepared so that they cannot be gnawed by bees. Among...
TEST Nuclei
Bee cores are the foundational colonies of new hives. They are made from 2, 3 or 4 frames of operatic breeding
TEST Accessories and paintings
Hive accessories lots of variety and better prices !
TEST Hardware
Hive hardware lots of variety and better prices !
TEST Excludors / Escapes
The queen-excluding grid is an element used in beekeeping that allows separating the breeding chamber where the...
TEST Spurr/Propole Grids
The beekeeper collects bee pollen by a wooden fire extinguisher in the form of balls that have a high humidity level...

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