About Us

In 2014, we embarked on our journey in beekeeping by selling products on various online platforms. Gradually, we grew and achieved more sales, prompting us to open our first physical store in 2015. Our significant development led us to seek a large warehouse with a physical store to meet all our customers' demands.

In recent years and currently, our main focus has been on organizing our warehouse and expanding our stock to provide a better service. As a result of this transformation, we decided to establish our online beekeeping store presence on the Internet.

We are a young company dedicated to the sale of beekeeping supplies. We market products from the LYSON factory, which is currently the global leader in the beekeeping market. We also engage in our own manufacturing, using the finest materials and techniques to offer our customers the highest quality for their products.

"We aim to be the company that beekeepers wish to exist."

For anything you need, we are at your service. You can contact us via:

Apitienda Soltan SLU, Calle Francisco de Medina y Mendoza, 45-19171 Pol. Ind. Cabanillas del Campo Guadalajara España