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Apitienda, Your Online Beekeeping Store

We have everything you need for your beekeeping passion. We offer an extensive catalog of beekeeping products for both beginners and experts. We guarantee the quality of our products and work with the leading global brand in beekeeping, Lyson, while also engaging in our own manufacturing.









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In our beekeeping store, you can find a wide range of materials and equipment related to beekeeping and the production of bees and bee products. We have everything you need to pursue your passion for bees.

  • Wooden, polystyrene, and plastic beehives.
  • Frames and hive components.
  • Personal protective equipment: suits, gloves, veils, and boots to protect against bee stings.
  • Beekeeping tools: smokers, scrapers, and bee brushes, among others.
  • Honey extractors: manual or electric, for extracting honey from the combs.
  • Bee feeders.
  • Treatments for bee diseases and parasites.
  • Queen rearing supplies.
  • Products related to apitherapy and natural cosmetics made from bee products.
  • Packaging and labeling materials for bee products, such as honey jars and custom labels.

Our extensive range of beekeeping products includes tools, equipment, and machinery that are useful for both individuals starting in beekeeping and those with experience in the field.

Beginners can find starter kits, manuals, educational materials, and basic equipment they need to safely and efficiently begin beekeeping. These kits typically include essentials such as beehives, protective suits, smokers, basic tools, and materials for bee care.

On the other hand, more experienced beekeepers can find in our online beekeeping store advanced equipment, specialized tools, modern technology for hive management, products for pest and disease control, and superior-quality materials for honey extraction and processing.

We give you many reasons to trust our beekeeping store, just as hundreds of beekeepers have already done. Our experience and professionalism in the world of beekeeping are the fundamental reasons, but also:

  • We offer a wide range of beekeeping supplies: We provide the greatest variety of bee products, machinery, packaging, and more.
  • We deliver your order securely and quickly, typically within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We have a 14-day return policy.
  • We are the exclusive distributors of the globally recognized Lyson brand in Spain.
  • We have a large warehouse with ample stock of beekeeping materials and machinery.
  • In our online beekeeping store, we guarantee that our payment methods are completely secure.
  • If you have any questions, our customer support team will assist you promptly.

In our beekeeping store, we guarantee the most consistent and continuous supply of beekeeping materials. The reason is that we have a large warehouse with a physical store that holds a vast stock. We maintain a solid and well-managed inventory that allows us to assure beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping that they can find the products they need here at any time.

We understand the importance of improving our service every day, which is why we have dedicated our efforts in recent years to expand our stock and have a well-stocked store. We aim to be your trusted beekeeping store, offering the best beekeeping products and ensuring a constant supply of beekeeping materials you need to enhance your skills in this field.

At Apitienda, you will always receive excellent service from a team of beekeeping professionals who will assist you in purchasing all the materials from our store. We are here to help you with anything you need!