Get to know the best range of beekeeping machinery. The best models of beekeeping LYSON: honey extractors, ripeners, deoperculators, etc.

TEST Extractors
Buy your extractor at the best price in our store or online with fast shipping, being able to choose from our...
TEST Buckets
Wide variety of buckets, normal, reinforced, made of stainless steel or plastic. You can modify it to your liking!
TEST Maturers and cubes
What's ripener? The ripener is a container used to store honey extracted from honeycombs before proceeding with the...
TEST Presses for operculums
Press is used to remove honey from the operculums. We present different models of presses for all your needs!
TEST Honey mixers
With the task of mixing honeys of different colors and standardizing the dough to obtain homogeneous compounds, the...
TEST Pollen dryers and cleaners
Pollen dryer made of stainless steel. It's made up of the hot chamber. Drawers can be easily removedw to control the...
TEST Decanting banks
Decanting banks. Honey filtering

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