Sanidad NEOAPICICLINA Neoapiciclina 500gr. Es un alimento en polvo con flavonoides y vitaminas para las abejas y su cría. Se uti


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Neoapicycline 500gr. It is a powdered feed with flavonoids and vitamins for bees and their breeding. It is used to treat LOQUES.

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When bees start breeding, they may develop an imbalance that opens the door to diseases that endanger the survival of breeding and the development of the hive.

This same situation can occur at the end of the year, in the preparation of the hive for wintering, or when there is a sudden flowering stop in full development.

In these cases NeoApicycline is a preparation, which gives the hive the special compounds necessary for the bees to develop harmoniously, avoiding the appearance of these problems and helping it to recover from them when they have already been presented.

How to use:

Apply by sprinkling on off offspring and bees about 20g. (2 tablespoons) per hive. Repeat 3 times every 7 days, to cover two full generations of open breeding. It can also be used to enrich syrups, in this case of immediate consumption preparing only what the bees will consume immediately, adding 3 tablespoons per liter of syrup.

It can also be used to enrich feeding pills, adding the same amount, 3 tablespoons per kilo of prepared pill.


Raw materials for animal feed: sugar (sucrose ) and wheat flour. Additives.- Botanically defined natural product, plant extracts (with 80mg. Flavonoids/100g. Neo-Apicycline; Vitamins and provitamins: Calcium pantothenate 1mg/Kg.-Vitamin B1: 0.2 mg/kg – Vitamin B2: 0.4 mg/kg. - Vitamin B6: 0.02 mg/Kg.- Vitamin A: 120. IU/Kg -Vitamin D3: 40 IU/Kg. (Substances), silicon dioxide E551; Preservative.


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