Sanidad Hive Alive 100ml Suplemento nutricional testado científicamente para hacer que sus colonias sean un 89% más fuertes y pr

Hive Alive 100ml

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Scientifically tested nutritional supplement to make your colonies 89% stronger and more productive:
-Promotes gut well-being
-Proven long-term protection
-The fastest and easiest to use
-Excellent value for money
-Prevents syrup from fermenting
-Natural active ingredients

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Composition %
Crude protein 0,3%
Crude fiber 0,5%
Crude oils and fats 0,6%
Sodium 0,2%
Crude ash 2,7%
Moisture content 88%


Instructions for use:
1- Shake well. The content is deposited in the background.
2- All autumn or spring syrup, is activated at a concentration of 2.5ml of HiveAlive per liter. 4l beehive-activated syrup is recommended in separate week-long intakes.
3- Mix HiveAlive well with syrup.
4- Spray the swarm.

All HiveAlive product declarations are validated and approved by the EU, so we are uniquely positioned to ensure superior quality products, complete traceability and the highest manufacturing standards for beekeepers. All ingredients are validated as safe for feeding animals and are continuously controlled to ensure beekeeper peace of mind. HiveAlive's combination of ingredients is the result of 6 years of internationally validated research by Advance Science on bioactive natural ingredients designed specifically for the needs of the beekeeping industry. These ingredients target the specific requirements of the colony with a particular emphasis on gut health. Colonies will increase in strength and vigour, have consumed HiveAlive ™-activated syrup, and, as a result, will be better able to cope with disease and other stressors.

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