Alimentacion Alimento Apikand con Polen - Palé 960 kg Apikand  alimento con polen, palet completo 960 kg.Sin harinas ni levadura

Apikand with Pollen, Pallet (960 kg)

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Apikand feed with pollen, full pallet 960 kg.

Without flours or yeasts, thus eliminating anti-nutritional factors for bees containing flours (excess fiber, starch, oligosaccharides, etc.).

It is recommended for use in autumn time in very weak colonies and in spring if desired for further stimulation of the hive and no pollen entry. It is also suitable for colonies that are intended for the pollination of monocultures.

Balanced reinforced feed (taking into account the needs of the bee) with nutritional additives.

Composition: Dextrose - 50%, Fructose - 38%, Pollen - 8% Triose - 2%, Maltose - 2%

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It is composed of simple glucose-fructose sugars. Enriched with vitamins and amino acids that contribute to:
Better colony development.
Resist with various diseases.
Stimulation of the queen.
Immediately consumed by bees.
It does not dry out and does not harden in the hive.
Completely digested by bees.

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