Sanidad Apifit 200 ml Apifit es un suplemento natural para abejas con ingredientes naturales . Se utiliza como suplemento alimen

Apifit 200 ml


Apifit is a natural supplement for bees with natural ingredients. It is used as a dietary supplement to strengthen the hives during nectar shortages in summer, as well as in preparation for winter.


- improves the resistance of the hives to disease

- reassures the bees when working with them

- helps to reduce Varroa infection

- stimulates the queen to spawn in spring

- facilitates acceptance by introducing a new queen into the hive

VAT included

How to use it:

Apply Apifit to each hive in one of the following ways:

1. In sugar syrup: add 5 ml of Apifit in 1000 ml of sugar syrup (ratio 1:1)

2. In sugar paste: add 10 ml of Apifit in 1000 g of paste

3. Sprinkle: add 5 ml of Apifit to 200 ml of sugar syrup and sprinkle the bees in the hive

Repeat the treatment several times a year.

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