Sanidad Furetto Vaporizador para el tratamiento de la varroa Ámbito de aplicación y modo de funcionamiento: el aparato se usa pa

Furetto Vaporizer for varroa treatment


Scope of application and mode ofoperation : the appliance is used to fumigate hives parasitic by the varroa. This system is based on vaporizing at high temperature an active substance with a solvent.

The vaporized use of this active substance causes a strong irritation in the bees, which involves a great traffic of these causing a better destruction of the mite and obtaining great effectiveness in the treatment.

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Technical specifications:

Device weight

1,950 kg



470 mm


300 mm


150 mm


100 bee hives every 20-30 minutes

Effectiveness of treatment throughout the period


The proposed product has undergone a series of studies and improvements, incorporating high quality components and parts, which ensure great effectiveness. And due to the special design of the heater, there is adequate use of the gas and a good evaporation of the fluid.

Figure 3. Vaporizer scheme, main parts and components:


2-supply pump

3-tank for fluid


5-tank cover

6-pump lever


8-gas supply

9-gas ignition trigger

10-piece dosing

11-thread joints with integrated filter

12-gas cylinder pressure ring

13-gas cylinder


Before using the appliance you should equip it with a gas cylinder (this should be done outdoors). To do this, remove the pressure ring from the gas cylinder [12]. Turn the gas supply clockwise [8]. Insert the convex part of the cylinder [13] into the bottom of the burner [1]. Rotate the cylinder neck by the screw seal and tighten the cylinder upwards to pierce the cylinder hull. Good placement will not lead to any leakage.

Once the gas is finished, the cylinder is repositioned. They should not be recharged, but should be discarded and a new one purchased.

Using the vaporizer:

The sprayer can vaporize different doses of active ingredients with the appropriate solvents.


  1. After filtering the preparation, open the tank cover (5) and pour it inside(3).
  2. Open the gas supply (8) by turning the burner clockwise. Light the burner flame by pulling the trigger (9). It is important to adjust the gas supply mode, starting with a minimum level. Overheating can be dangerous and break the appliance. After 1 or 2 minutes start pumping until the product vaporized by the nozzle (7) starts to gradually come out. The pumping lever is adjusted to supply 1 cubic cm of solution.
  3. Place the vaporizer nozzle at a depth of 1 to 3 cm at one of the lower entrances of the bee hive. Vaporize. (attention! it is not recommended to use when the queen is in the hive, either when the air is more than 30oC or in the autumn when there is no breeding).
  4. At the end of treatment close the gas supply (8).

In summer the process should be carried out only after the last extraction of honey, 45 days before the first extraction of honey or 7 days before pollen collection. Treatment should be carried directly into the hive in the afternoon, after the bees return from the field.

If there are hatchlings in the nest the treatment will be carried out four times with an interval of 3 days. The fulfillment of the interval during the summer (due to the biology of the varroa mite) is essential for the destruction of the mite.

In the period without autumn breeding, it is preferable to carry out the treatment at a temperature of 2 to 8oC. Under these conditions the bees are less active, and mites also fall without contact with them and that is when the treatment reaches its greatest effectiveness. During this period it is sufficient to maintain treatment once or twice at intervals of 3 or 4 days.

It is important to use the anti-corrosion grille while using insecticides. Having these grilles minimizes the appearance of mite resistance to a particular substance and thus increasing efficiency in the process.

Precautions when using the vaporizer:

  1. Using this product requires following specific safety rules to work with LPG equipment and flammable substances.
  2. Avoid use of the appliance when there is any damage or damage to the mechanism.
  3. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the vaporizer.
  4. Use gas masks, spray masks or to breathe. If these masks are not available, avoid being in front of the steam if the wind goes against, and thus avoid inhalation.
  5. It should be transported in a closed compartment in the vehicle. And keep yourself at home in a ventilated space.
  6. If any product-related issues occur during use, contact gas equipment maintenance specialists.

Technical product maintenance:

  1. All product components are sealed, so they should not be undjusted without need.
  2. The dispenser filter is inside, so it must be unscrewed (11) before it can be cleaned.
  3. If one insecticide is exchanged for another or other active substance, the product should be cleaned thoroughly once emptied
  4. Before storing for a long season, to avoid oxidation it is advisable to pass kerosene through the surfaces and joints.
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