Desoperculadoras Picotosa manual para mieles densas La picotosa manual de Lyson se utiliza para facilitar la extracción de las m

Manual picotose for dense honeys


Manual picotose of LYSON is used to facilitate the extraction of denser honeys, such as heather honey. Made entirely of acid-resistant stainless steel, the device consists of two plates with spring-loaded needles.

Includes feed plastic tray!

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VAT included

The frames are placed between the two plates and the ergonomic lever is pushed to insert the needles into the cells, skewering them to make it easier for honey to flow. The frames should then be placed in a honey extractor for extraction.


Length 675 x width 495 x height 1115mm

Weight 50kg

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APITIENDA SOLTAN SL Valoraciones con

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