Alimento para abejas Alimento Apikand - ApiTotal Energy - Garrafa 13kg 
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Apikand-ApiTotal feed, Multivitamin with Amino Acids 13kg


It is a multivitamin feed with amino acids

It has a complete composition for the development of bee families. Especially eleborate to achieve perfect stimulation, as well as to increase the laying of queen eggs, but also as a complementary additive to winter feed reserves and immunosylagic reinforcement. It has a prophylactic effect against the conditions of Nosema Apis and Ceranae thanks to natural polyphenols.

Contains: fructose, glucose, sucrose, water, excipients, vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B12, C, PP; minerals: Ca, Mg, P, Na, K, Cl, Fe, S; amino acids: Tryptophan (L), methionine (DL), lysine (L), polyphenols and herbal tannins (artichokes, thyme, corn marigold, basil).

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How to use:

Stimulation: to dilute with 20-50% water (distilled). Apply it to the feeder or it can be sprayed on frames: 250g - 300g once every 2-3 days, depending on the power of the bee family.

For filling reserves: to be administered as it is in feeders: 500 g per family of bees, once every 2-3 days.


Increases the vital power of the colony;

Easy and fast handling;

Reduces the risk of infection and disease.

More details:

Expiration: 12 months;

Logistics details: 13kg boat


Data sheet

Type of feed
APITIENDA SOLTAN SL Valoraciones con

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