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Bee feed

Maintenance feed

feed for bees in times of zero or low flowering

Stimulation feed

The stimulation diet tries to simulate the entry of nectar that occurs in the blooms, this favors the setting and...

Protein feed

When a pollen deficiency is detected in the hive, either because not enough reserves are found in the frames or...

Bee Vitamins

As raw materials (Sugar, yeasts, flours..) are in deficit in vitamins and nutrition we must supplement them with a...

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Apipolen, 500g


Regular price €1.50 -€0.25 From Price €1.25

Boxes of 30 units of 500g. (15 kg)

Protein feed for bees, a substitute for pollen when missing.

Components: Carbohydrates...

Price €2.40

HIBEE is the complete feed for bees that, economically cost-effectively, maximizes breeding by producing more disease-resistant bees with higher...

  • Reduced price
Regular price €3.20 -€0.45 From Price €2.75

Apifonda is a paste feed, with a spectrum of sugars specific to the bee, its main component being the sucrose indicated for...

BeeVirol 1L


Price €4.45

The BeeVirol product influences the increased hygiene of the bee family, increases vitality and improves the overall health of bees. Stimulates...

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